My main reason for starting this site (06.10.22) was to push myself to learn something that I was interested in but intimidated by. I needed an extracurricular skill for DofE and I decided that instead of just using one of the activities I already knew the ins and outs of, I should take the opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Replit was where I made the first version of my site. The course taught me the basics of HTML and CSS and I am so glad that I had the chance to go through those lessons first, they made this process so much easier.

After I got through the course, I had a website, but... it was looking quite plain. Soon I came across Nuange's Library (Nuange's Greenhouse at the time) and I was in awe of the fact that it was actually possible to make a website like that in your free time. I also noticed that it was made on Neocities, a website I had no knowledge of. Seeing so many interesting sites on Neocities really motivated me to work even harder to improve my own website, which led to a deep dive through many HTML and CSS tutorials on a quest to give my website my ideal layout.

At some point during my deep dive I decided to move the website here as I continued working on it. Neocities had practically everything I was looking for so I'm really glad that I discovered it as early as I did.

This is my first website and a constant work in progress so please bear with me!